Apr 19, 2017


Alsted Real Estate, a family owned company, in Moses Lake WA is proud to announce that Mark Fanning, Managing Broker-Owner, has received all the necessary credentials to fly his drone for commercial purposes in and around the City Moses Lake. “This will allow our Company to provide a new perspective for marketing our clients real estate” remarked Susan Fanning, Designated Broker and wife of Mr Fanning. “Mark has been working towards this goal for nearly three years when he first took up flying as a hobby” Mrs Fanning continued.

“These are not toys” quipped Mr Fanning. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), more commonly referred to as ‘drones’, come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. “You have to respect all of these devices” Mr Fanning explained. “The propellers on them rotate at high speed and the larger the drone, the heavier and stronger and faster they spin. If one these strikes an individual, it will likely draw blood and may likewise cause damage to property. Whether flying for fun or commercial purposes, you are obliged to protect everyone around you.”

Mr. Fanning began flying with a $500 drone and a GoPro camera. “It was crude compared to my present system, but it was quickly apparent that an aerial picture is worth even more than 1,000 words” he would say. The camera on his present system is capable of producing 4k video and very high resolution photographs. “We know privacy is a concern for of a lot of people, and we intend to notify neighbors in advance, when we will be shooting at a particular property” he added. Mr Fanning went on to mention that he has attended two conferences in Pendleton, OR which is headquarters of the Oregon UAS Future Farm where research and development utilizing drones for agricultural purposes is happening. “I would love to offer something beneficial to our growers, but I’m afraid it’s not there yet, but I’m monitoring their progress” he closed.

 Alsted Real Estate is located at 823 W Broadway in Moses Lake. (509)766-2902