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Mark Fanning, Managing Broker


Of course I represent properties offered by my clients, but I would also like to help and represent YOU in finding and negotiating the best deal on the property which best suits your needs. 

I have therefore, taken it upon myself to collect and display all the properties I can possibly find, whether listed by my company, another broker or private individuals, and offer them to you. 

My Role as a Broker

For those of you not familiar with buying or leasing real estate, please let me briefly explain the role which brokers, such as myself, play in this process. Typically, an owner or landlord will hire a professional broker to ‘list’ their property and advertise it to the public AND other brokers in the area. The hope being, from among the hundreds of other brokers, several will have clients who are looking for that exact kind of property. In order to entice those other brokers to connect their clients to the property, the owner/landlord will offer a commission when establishing listing and provide that half of the total commission fee will be paid to their ‘listing’ broker and the other half to the other (selling) broker who brings in a client who ultimately concludes a ‘deal’ on the property. In such a case then, the seller/landlord is paying the fee for both real estate brokers involved in the deal. 

In the less typical situation, some ‘private’ listings may have priced their properties without consideration for paying a commission to a broker. In that case, I may rely on you to pay my fee. I will advise you of that situation before we enter into negotiations involving such a property. 

A final point which I would like to address, is a situation where I have ‘listed’ a property for a client and I also represent you as a Buyer or Renter. This situation is known as Dual Agency in the real estate industry. Some people, either as seller/landlord or buyer/ renter, prefer to work through the same broker for both parties while others absolutely want separate representation. We will discuss your preference during our initial meetings. Please refer to this brochure (The Law of Real Estate Agency, click here) for further clarifications about broker representation.