H & M Matsuura has recommended Susan Alsted-Fanning, Designated Broker-Owner at Alsted Real Estate,LLC

Alsted Real Estate LLC is very highly recommended. The sale of our agricultural properties involved complications that required extensive communication and coordination between buyers, seller, lawyers, accountants, multiple city and county agencies. Their expert staff addressed and resolved every detail of a complex sale in an exemplary manner. The final transaction was coordinated to the mutual satisfaction of all parties within a strict time schedule. The most remarkable aspect of this particular sale is that the entire procedure was fully accomplished while we, the seller, remained 1100 miles distant from the sale properties and the Alsted realty offices. Without reservations, we can sincerely attest to the fact that Alsted Real Estate LLC and their staff’s expertise and commitment to client services is second to none.

H & M Matsuura




Rick Boro has recommended Susan Alsted-Fanning, Designated Broker-Owner at Alsted Real Estate,LLC.

 "Susan has helped us find, purchase, and sell commercial properties in the Moses Lake area. She is extremely knowledgeable about commercial and industrial real estate and was invaluable in helping us in our evaluations. Susan went above and beyond in keeping us apprised of everything going on with our transactions and letting us know about potential problems. Not only is Susan highly professional, but she is one of the nicest realtors we have ever worked with. We strongly recommend her!"
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Patti Paris has recommended Susan Alsted-Fanning, Designated Broker-Owner at Alsted Real Estate,LLC.

"Susan is an extremely conscientious professional successful business owner. Her commitment to her community is significant. Her unwavering sense of integrity is reliable and dependable. Susan has worked extremely hard to establish a remarkable positive reputation in the real estate industry and is highly respected. I can't emphasize strongly enough how much society would benefit more from business owners such as her."

Giles Isaacson has recommended Susan Alsted-Fanning, Designated Broker-Owner at Alsted Real Estate,LLC.

 "Hi Susan. I would be delighted to write a recommendation for you.
When we came to Moses Lake in 1990 to look for properties on which to build multi-family dwellings for the Partnership, and rental properties for our personal portfolio, you and all of your staff were extremely helpful in every way. We continued to do business with you for several years until the Partnership split and then in disposing of most of our properties after that. Not too long ago your salesman sold my last investment property for us. After several years, when I walked into your office to make the listing the person at the front desk recoginzed me and greeted me by name! I am truly grateful to you for all that you have done for us over the years. Many blessings to you. Giles Isaacson"
Year first hired: 1990 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Shirley Ragan has recommended Tami Wilson, Broker at Alsted Real Estate,LLC
I found Tami Wilson was exceptionaly thoughtful,kind and considerate of my feelings during the process of selling my home in Moses Lake. I was very pleased with the reasonable price I recieved and would highly recommened Tami to handle the sale of your property. She is professional,prompt and knowledgeable.
Shirley Ragan


Marilyn Dexter has recommended Susan Alsted, Designated Broker - Owner at Alsted Real Estate,LLC  

Susan Alsted was the reason I got into real estate; buying and renting homes. I dealt in fixer uppers, those you take a second look at and buy. She is my realtor and  one of the best good friends. She is honest all the way. She is one I could always send my friends to buy property. Susan is te reason I love real estate and dealing in homes. I recommend Susan. She is the best.

Marilyn Dexter



Kerri Richins has recommended Susan Alsted, Designated Broker-Owner at Alsted Real Estate,LLC

I have known Susan Alsted for 20 plus years. Through the years, and many business dealings, Susan has always remained dedicated to her real estate profession and to her customer's needs. She is a devoted business professional working for the best start to finish transactions. I have found her to be honest, confidential, and goes beyond for good customer service.

Kerri Richins.


Teresa & Ed Fields has recommended Keith Rupprecht, Boker at Alsted Real Estate,LLC

Would be buyers and sellers

We would like to personally recommend Keith Rupprecht and the Alsted team of realtor.Our home purchase incurred many obstacles outside of what would be considered normal. Without the knowledge and hard work of this agency the purchase may not have been achieved. Keith went out of his way to represent what was in out best interest.

Teresa & Ed Fields


Frances & Avery Gates has recommended Keith Rupprecht, Broker at Alsted Real Estate,LLC

Would be sellers

Keith Rupprecht from Alsted Real Estate,LLC with perseverance and determination sold our farm, with a desire the new owners would be successful in achieving their goals. We are grateful to him for helping ys in achieving our goal.

Frances & Avery Gates